B’nai Brith Men’s Soccer League

1.0 – Laws of the Game

The B’ni Brith Soccer League (BBSL) shall support and maintain the principles of the Laws of the

Game as established by the International Football Association Board and recognized by FIFA. All

play in the BBSL shall be according to the Laws of the Game as adapted by the Ontario Soccer

Association (O.S.A.) each year, with particular reference to O.S.A.

 1.1  All registrants must abide by the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of Bnai Brith Canada in order to be accepted as a member in Good Standing
Each member agrees that they are at least 18 years of age, of the Jewish faith and pledge to support the high ideals and purposes of B'nai Brith

2.0 – Registration of Players and Team Officials

2.1 - Each player and a minimum of one (1) and maximum of two (2) team officials must sign the BBSL team registration form and pay an annual player/team registration fee set by the BBSL from time to time. The registration forms must be obtained from the B’nai Brith office by the team official. 2.2 – BBSL will determine the team registration fee by April 15 of each year. This fee will cover the costs of field permits, referees, annual banquet and non-salaried operating costs.

2.3 – A deposit of $500.00 is payable to the BBSL by April 30 of each year to secure a position for team in the league.

2-4 - Each team must enter the data of at least eleven (11) players in the B’nai Brith Registration System by no later than May 15th in any given season. The full team must be registered by 1st game of the season. Only registered players are eligible to play.

2.5 - Each team can register a maximum of 20 players at any one time. In the event it is proven that a team plays an ineligible player or players in any game, the game shall automatically be awarded to the opponent and the culpable team is subject to further discipline action, as per B’nai Brith Soccer League discipline policies and procedures.

2.6 - No player/team official registration will be accepted after July 31st each year.

2.7 - No Transfer of Players between teams will be accepted after July 31st of each year.

2.8 - Each registered player is responsible to pay a $75.00 B’nai Brith Membership Fee which goes towards charitable activities run by B’nai Brith. A donation receipt will be issued to each registered and paid player.

2.9 - Every team must at time of application for membership register playing colours to avoid conflicts.

2.10 - The schedule will be posted on the BBSL online web site at least 2 weeks prior to the commence

2.11 - A Team Official from each team must attend all scheduled BBSL meetings. Each club shall send at least one delegate who has the right to cast all the votes that the team is entitled to. A club is also entitled to name a proxy to represent and vote for them in the event that the club’s delegate is unable to attend or have to leave before the business is completed.3.0 Field Rules and Setup


3.1 - The first team named on the official league schedule will be considered the home team for any game.

3.2 - All games are played on grounds provided by the League.

3.3 - It is the home team’s responsibility to ensure that a corner flag of at least five feet in height is posted in each corner of the field. The referees will be tasked with bringing the flags to the field each week but it is the home team’s responsibility to make sure they are set up and taken down before and after each game.

3.4 - All teams shall ensure with the referees agreement that:

a) - both goals are equipped with proper nets,

b) - the field is be marked off in accordance with the Laws of the Game,

c) - A corner flag of at least five feet in height is posted in each corner of the field, or the game shall not be played as per FIFA Law #1.

3.5 - Prior to every game, the teams will be responsible for providing the referee with two match balls of regulation size #5 in satisfactory condition.

3.6 - During all games played under the League’s jurisdiction all players shall wear numbered shirts and each player’s number shall be recorded on his/her team’s team sheet. No two players on any one team shall wear the same number. No player may change his number during a game, without consent of the referee who will note this change on the player’s team’s team sheet.

3.7 - Numbers shall be a minimum of eight inches in height and of contrasting color from the body of the shirt. The number must be indicated against the player’s name on the team sheet.

3.8 - Goalkeepers must wear a contrasting color to both of the teams and the referee.

3.9 - Both team officials of the home and away team shall be responsible to report the score of the game to the League Office via eMail within forty-eight (48) hours of completion of the game.

3.10 - The home team is responsible for reporting any rain out, incomplete game and or referees no show to the League Office on the same night of the scheduled game

3.11 The referee is responsible to get the game sheets back to the league office within 48 hours of completion of the game. The referee may designate a team official to return game sheets to league office.

3.12 - Only registered team officials (maximum of two (2) shall be permitted to sit on the bench.

4.0 – Game Administration

4.1 - Each team must prepare a team present to the referee 15 minutes prior to game time, one copy by game time of the Bnai Brith Soccer League Game Sheet

Non-compliance with this rule will be grounds for game cancellation and the culpable team shall forfeit the game and be subject to discipline by the BBSL Discipline Committee under OSA Discipline Policies and Procedures.

4.2 - Each player and team officials‟ name and number must be legibly printed on the team sheet, to a maximum of eighteen (18) players, a minimum of one (1) and maximum of (2) team officials. Player signatures are not required; the only one required is from the team official present at the game. By signing the game sheet, the team official confirms that all players and team officials listed on the game sheet are registered to the team and are eligible to participate. Non-compliance with this rule will be grounds for game forfeiture plus a $25.00 fine.

4.3 - It shall be the responsibility of the team representative to notify the referee of any discrepancies/protests not later than the commencement of the second half of play. The Referee must record such discrepancies in his report to the League when submitting his/her completed game sheets.

4.4 - Only persons listed on the Team Sheet are permitted to sit on the bench or in the designated bench area.

4.5 - All games must start promptly. Referees must see that this rule is enforced, ensure that games start promptly and report any breach of the rule on the team sheet. Games cannot start later than fifteen minutes after the scheduled kick-off time, unless a previous game is late finishing, or unless agreed to by the referee. Such a game is in default by the team responsible for the delay and the defaulting club shall be subject to the provisions of League Rule #11.

4.6 - No game shall start unless both teams can field a minimum of seven (7) players and both teams submit the completed game sheets to the game official. A game shall be abandoned should a team be unable to continue with at least seven (7) players on the field of play and/or the game official does not receive the completed game sheets from both teams before the start of the first half. Once the game report is submitted to the league’s office, the BBSL shall determine the outcome of the game.

After the second half has started, no new player can be added to the gamesheet and/or enter the field of play.

4.7 - Unlimited substitutions shall be permitted. Substitutions may be made:

a) - Goal Kick b) - Scoring of a Goal c) - Injury of a player d) – Halftime

e) - Own throw in only.

All substitutions must enter and exit the field of play at the halfway line.

All substituted players must leave the field without delay.

Substitution of goalkeepers must be reported directly to the referee.

4.8 - All games shall be of full regulation time, conditions and time permitting. If prior to the start of the game there is any doubt on the part of the respective captains and/or referee as to the weather conditions or available playing time, agreement must be reached prior to the start of the game to reduce the playing time to ensure that two equal periods can be played. If the two captains cannot agree, the referee shall decide unilaterally. If the first game of a doubleheader is so late in starting that the playing of full regulation time would cause it to encroach on the allotted time for the second game, then the playing time of the first game must be reduced to enable the second game to play normal time. The reduced playing time must be of two equal periods.

4.9 - Games that are abandoned after 75% of playing time due to weather or/and extenuating circumstances will be allowed to stand. The score at the moment the game is abandoned shall become the game’s official, final score.

4.10 - Teams will be held responsible if a game is abandoned because of the actions of its players, officials or spectators and will be subject to disciplinary hearing, and will be fined as per OSA discipline policies.

4.11 - If the agreed playing time in any game is not completed for any other reason, the referee must report this on the team sheets.

The BBSL shall determine the outcome of the game by determining:

a) - That the score at the moment of the game being abandoned stand

b) - That the game be replayed or

c) - That the offending team is to default the game by a score of 1-0.

4.12 - The BBSL may also order that the matter and the team or teams involved in the game be subject to further discipline.

4.13 – The BBSL schedules games for 2 x 40 minute halves and 5 minutes half-time interval

4.14 - a. If the regulation game ends in a tie, two 10-minute overtime periods will be played.  Kick-off order will continue as determined at the beginning of the game.  Teams will switch ends at the end of the first 10 minute period.

b. If a tie still exists at the end of the second overtime period, a Penalty-Kick shoot-out shall be used to determine a winner.

c. Penalty Kick Shoot Out

       i. Prior to the first shoot-out round a coin toss will be taken. The winner of the coin toss shall shoot first. 
       ii. Each team will select any five (5) players to kick in the first shoot-out round. 
       iii. Teams will alternate taking shots until all 5 players from each team have shot once. The team
       scoring the most goals will be the winner. 
       iv. If the score is still tied after the first shoot-out round, a second round of kicks will be initiated.
       A second set of five (5) players who have not yet kicked will be used only if both teams have five
       available players who have not yet had a penalty kick. Otherwise the smaller roster will determine
       the number of shooters in the second round. 
      v. Teams will again alternate taking shots until all available players from each team have shot once.  
      The winner of the coin toss in step 'A' will also again kick first. The team scoring the most goals will be 
      the winner. 
      vi. If a tie still exists after the second shoot-out round, each team will select any ten (10) players to
      participate in any order in a "sudden victory" shoot-out round.

     vii. Teams will continue alternating shots "one-set-at-a-time" until one team scores and the other team
     does not. Once a player has participated in a "sudden victory" shoot-out round, that player may not shoot
     again until all of the other selected teammates have participated.

     viii. If a tie still exists after all 10 players from each team have participated, then repeat steps 'vi' and 'vii'
     again (and again).

5.0 – Referees

5.1 - All referees shall be appointed by the Bnai Brith Soccer LEague.

5.2 – Game officials will not be paid if for any reason a game does not start due to weather conditions or failure of the lighting system.

5.3 – No game cancellation is permitted unless, in the opinion of the referee, the safety of the players are at risk

5.4 - Immediately after the game has been played all game officials’ names must be legibly printed and signed on both teams’ team sheets. The referee must record on both team sheets the goal scorers, any discipline cards issued and any other details that the referee deems pertinent. The referee must notify the TSA office of the game‟s result and submit all discipline report on-line within 48 hours. The referee must then forward the team sheets to the TSA Leagues within 48 hours.

5.5 - Complaints by or against referees must be submitted to the League office in writing by the team official. After the complaint has been dealt with, the parties concerned will be notified. Verbal complaints will not be considered.

5.6 - The League will supply a referee report form, which should be sent to the League office following each game.

5.7 – Before the start of the game, the referee shall be responsible to verify that all team sheets are fully completed and record the time he/she received them.

6.0 – Defaulted Games

6.1 - In the event of a club deliberately defaulting a game (i.e. not showing up or showing with only a few players) that game shall be awarded to their opponent. The defaulting team will also be liable to discipline from the league.

6.2 - A no show team is any team that does not fulfill its scheduled or rescheduled games without the express permission of the League. Games are automatically defaulted for a no show.


7.0 Bnai Brith Soccer League Management

7.1 - In the event of a team defaulting (3) three games during a given season, the defaulting team may be expelled from the League.

7.2 - Teams withdrawing from the League after May 15th will forfeit its deposit.

7.3 - Any team withdrawing from the league, or any team, which refrains from entering or is suspended or expelled from the league , shall be deemed to have its membership cancelled. Should a team withdraw, be suspended or expelled during the playing season all records pertaining to such a team shall be erased and the team name shall remain at the bottom of the standings for the balance of the season for the purpose of relegation. Any such team, when applying for re-admission, has to be approved by the BBSL. and shall be considered a new team for the purpose of membership.

8.0 - Changes and Re-Scheduled Games

8.1 - Under no circumstances are teams allowed to postpone/change/re-schedule games without BBSL permission.

8.2 - All games will be played as scheduled unless:

a) At the discretion of the referee, postponement is necessary due to bad weather or field conditions

b) a game is postponed at the discretion of the League

c) a game is postponed at the discretion of a Parks official.

If lightning is present the referee shall follow OSA guidelines on adverse weather conditions

8.3 – The League Administrator must notify the club contact and the team contact of any rescheduled game(s). If it is less than one-one week notice, both teams must agree to change.

9.0 – League Standings

9.1 – Within 24 hours of the completion of the game, both teams are responsible for entering the game report on line (score, scorers, red & yellow cards).

9.2 - Three points shall be awarded for a win, one point shall be awarded for a tie and no points shall be awarded for a loss.

9.3 - In the event of two or more teams finishing the schedule with an equal number of points, their final positions in the standings will be decided by the following tie-breaking mechanisms applied in order:

a) - Total number of points from games played between those teams during the season.

b) - Goal differential from games played between those teams during the season.

c) - Goal differential of the overall games played by those teams during the season.

d) - In the event that a tie remains after the application of items (a), (b) and (c) above, a one game playoff may be played. Overtime and penalty kicks shall be used to break a tie that remains after the completion of regulation time in that playoff game.

9.4 - Should a team withdraw from, be suspended by or expelled from the League during the playing season, all records pertaining to that team for the season shall be erased and the team’s name shall appear at the foot of the standings for the purposes of relegation.

10.0 – Discipline

10.1 - Discipline Procedures

Disciplinary action will be taken with consideration given to with OSA Discipline Policy and Procedures. The following guidelines will apply:

10.1 - Discipline by BBSL

All Player dismissals for Serious Foul Play, Serious Foul Play (hand ball), Foul or Abusive Language Directed at Anyone other than Game Official, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth or more yellow cards in a season shall be dealt with by Discipline by BBSL as deemed appropriate. The decision made by the BBSL is final and binding

10.2 - All discipline matters including abuse of game official cases must be handled by the BBSL Discipline Committee. The League Discipline Committee follows OSA Discipline Policies and Procedures will handle all protests.

10.3 - In all cases of alleged physical assault on game officials by a player, team, or team official, he or she shall be suspended immediately from all soccer related activities until the Discipline Committee of the BBSL has dealt with the case.

10.4 - Players, officials, parents and spectators are allowed to take part in or attend games on the condition that they observe the rules of the League and the TSA Bylaws.

10.5 - Every team is responsible to the league for the action of its players, officials and spectators and parents. Each team is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting officials or players.

10.6 - A player, coach or team official impeding, harassing, or otherwise intimidating a game official, opposing coach or opposing players will be subject to severe disciplinary action, including a fine to the Club of up to $1,000.

10.7 - No referee, referee’s assistant, player, team or club official shall bet on any soccer game held under the jurisdiction of the league.

10.8 - In all discipline cases dealt with by the League Discipline Committee the party complained against shall have the right to appear, at his or her own expense, when the case is heard.

10.9 - Players and club or team officials suspended by the League Discipline Committee shall not take part in any soccer activity until the completion of their suspension.

10.10 - Players ordered off the field will be dealt with by the BBSL. Fines of $36 will be assessed for each red card per player in excess of 3 in a season

10.11 - Any League invoice for fees and/or fines not paid within twenty-one days of issue may result in a suspension of League privileges to the offending team until the invoice is paid. Any games scheduled during the suspension period will be forfeit, and the points awarded to the opposing team.

10.12 - The League Discipline Committee shall have the right to deal with any player, any club official, any team official, any club or any team whose conduct, including its supporters’ conduct, may be deemed objectionable or detrimental in any way to the League or to the game of soccer.

The League Discipline Committee may, through any of their members or otherwise, take notice of any player, any club official, any team official, any club or any team whose conduct, including its supporters conduct, may be deemed prejudicial to the welfare of the game, and deal with the matter in such manner as the League Discipline Committee may deem reasonable.


11.0 - Other Rules and Regulations

11.1 - The League may make such miscellaneous Rules and Regulations as may be deemed necessary to promote, develop and govern the game.

11.2 - The League may impose such other regulatory measures, as it deems necessary, for theefficient administration of the playing structure of the game within its jurisdiction.20.3 - No such regulation may violate the individual’s rights or freedom except as may be required to protect the rights and freedom of any other individual and to ensure the stability of the basic structure of the game.

11.3 - The BBSL has the right to refer to the League Discipline Committee or/and TSA Credentials Committee teams and/or clubs where it is deemed necessary to maintain a high degree of control over the game of soccer. Teams/Clubs may be required to post bonds for future participation in the league as required.

11.4 – All written communication must be submitted to the league office by the club representative.