Game Rules:

Our officials will regulate games based on NFHS rules. 

For more info, please see: 



Dunking is not allowed in our league.

Facility Rules (Hoopdome Rules):

To gain entry, players must stop at the front window and simply say they are here for their B'nai Brith basketball game.  Players may arrive 30 minutes prior to game time, BUT NOT EARLIER. Once the game is over you are asked to leave the premise.  HoopDome has a zero tolerance for abuse of anybody involved in games.  All individuals will be safe and secure when they come to play at HoopDomeHoopDome will ban entry to individuals who do not follow these rules.

The following are the basic rules for Bnai Brith Basketball. For more in depth rules for the actual game of basketball please email your query to our Sports Director at slipson@bnaibrith.ca

Game format
 4 x 8 minute stop time quarters

OVERTIME:  REGULAR SEASON: 2 minutes stop time 
                    PLAYOFFS: 2 minutes stop time periods until a a winner is decided

Two - 30 second time outs in the first half and TWO  30 second time outs in the second half with no carry over of 1st half timeouts.
OVERTIME - ONE ADDITIONAL - 30 second time out PLUS any 2nd half time outs still available.


ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse of players/officials/administrators is in effect before the game start time & warm ups, during game time, after game time is over including while you are on permit property (both indoors and outdoors).

No dunking or hanging on rims - (Practice & Games) technical fouls will be assessed.

If any time in season, a TEAM has cumulatively gone over its $100.00 TECH FOUL DEPOSIT, the coach must pay excess fines before TEAM next game - if not paid: TEAM DEFAULTS.



Each team will be deducted $50 from the default deposit and will be awarded a 20-0 loss for:

Canceling a game with less than 72 hours notice

Not showing up to a game

Not having enough eligible players to field a team (this includes situations if teams are caught playing with unregistered players or with outstanding dues)

Two technical fouls in any game = automatic ejection plus a 1 game minimum suspension

1st technical foul on a player costs the TEAM $10 out of its $100 Technical Foul Deposit
2nd technical foul on same player costs the TEAM $20

3rd technical foul on same player costs the TEAM $30 (Add $10 each new tech)
4th technical foul on same player AUTOMATIC 2 game suspension
5th technical foul on same player an AUTOMATIC suspension for remainder of the season & playoffs, plus a discipline hearing and potential future suspensions

B'nai Brith Annual Membership Dues.
In order to play ANY B'nai Brith Sport you must first be a member of Bnai Brith Canada. In order to do this each player must pay separately to B'nai Brith Canada annual Membership Dues. If you have paid it while playing another sport you will not be asked to pay it again as it is only due once in a calendar year. Please contact Shawn at slipson
or (416) 633-6224 ext 119 to arrange for payment to be made. Both credit cards and checks are accepted. Membership dues must be paid prior to opening day of the season or the player risks not being able to start the season. Multiple unpaid dues on 1(one) team could result in the default of game(s).


Hoopdome  There is a 10 minute grace period if a team is short players but it counts against the game clock. Teams must have 5 players ready to play within the 10 minutes or the game is a default.

       ENTRY TIMES: Players can enter 30 minutes prior to game time.  Players only are allowed to warm up in the cage area prior to the game, but must leave the facility when their game is over.  They can watch other games, but can’t go back into the cage and play upon completion of their game. Players and spectators must simply state that they are coming for their B'nai Brith game.

      There will be absolutely no verbal or physical abuse of anybody associated with HoopDome.  Players not following these rules will be restricted from future access to HoopDome.

Must be in place by 1ST LEAGUE GAME. If your team does not have proper numbered uniforms you may default your game. Fronts: minimum 4 inches, backs: minimum 6 inches (Must haves on both sides). In an emergency, you may not use tape on jerseys --- but you may use "MAGIC MARKER" on a T-SHIRT --- must be same colour t-shirt as uniforms. If you wear T-SHIRTS under uniforms, they must be a matching colour to your uniform. Recommended: Reversible jerseys (avoids colour & division realignment conflicts.


SAFETY FIRST: Kippahs may be worn when playing, however, no metal clips are allowed.  You may use tape, velcro or some other non-metallic fastener.