Bnai Brith Men's and Women's Softball  Policies


The following are some B'nai Brith Softball policies that all teams need to remember in order to have an efficiently run league. It is only with every teams help that we can run one of North America's largest Men's and Women's softball league as smoothly and issue free as we do.  Please adhere to the following:
1)The winning team reports the score to   no later than noon the following day.
2)  It is the Home team's responsibility to bring and secure the bases for that game.
3)  If for whatever reason your team is unable to play a game you must inform both the league and your opponent at least 12 hours prior by email. If less than 12 hrs notice is given (or no notice) your team will have defaulted the game as opposed to forfeiting the game. You will be assessed a $50 dollar default fee and your opponent will be awarded the win. Coaches email address can be found under "Contact Coaches" on our website.
4)  As is the case every year the league has a zero tolerance position regarding any abuse ( verbal or physical ) against any official, opponent  team member, spectator, or anyone in attendance at the game. All incidents will be reported by the on field umpires and appropriate action will take place. Let's have fun out there and not take ourselves too serious where actions escalate into inappropriate behaviour.


There has been several questions asked about determining  a teams standings. Please remember when not all teams have played the same amount of games within the division then winning percentage is used and not total points. Please calculate your teams standings with this in mind. If there is a tie then the criteria used to break that tie will be used. You can find the full list of ctiteria further on in this message.

On the last day of regular play after all the scores have been reported, the standings for each division will be recalculated and re posted. We must deduct standing points from teams that have defaulted. 1 point per default. Our system does not do it automatically so we must manually calculate the final standings. It is imperative that the winning teams report their scores immediately after their games conclusion as to not delay the release of the final standings

We will be using the standard tie breaking methods if needed. Tiebreakers methods in order of use are;

1- Percentage used when not all teams have played equal amount of games.
2. - Number of wins (to be used only if the teams in question have played the exact same number of games, otherwise move to #3
3. - Head to head record
4. - Total run differential in the head to head games
5. - Fewest forfeits during the season (defaults already accounted for by loss of a point in the standings)
6. - Fewest ejections during the season
7. - Coin toss


If you have any questions Please forward them by email to