Looking for a softball team to play on
by Jordan Lebow on 6/18/2019

Name: Jordan Lebow


Competitive/Advanced ball player. Played B'nai Brith baseball for many years and in college and OBA rep.

Looking to join a B,C, or D level team.


Call or email: 416-789-0766....jordanlebow@foxmail.ca

by Avi Ritter on 2/18/2019

New for 2019 is the PLAYERS and FREE AGENT LIST.

Coaches will be able to contact these players to add to a their team in order to prevent a default on any given night. Coaches may add up to 4 players per game.

In addition, below is a list of people still looking for softball teams. Please contact the individual if your team could use another player.


2018 agent list



NAME                           Email Address Phone Number Days available Position



Michael Latsky michael@latsky.com 416-558-2220 Tues/Wed 1b, 2b D3


Robert Latsky

Days available: Tuesday or Wednesday

Email: michael@latsky.com
Skill level: D3

Position: OF

Age: 25

Number: 416-558-2220

Stephen Kahn

Days available: Monday or Wednesday

Email: stephenkahn@rogers.com
Skill level: D3

Position: INF, Catcher

Age: 48

Number: 647-327-9005 

Aaron Kerzner

Days available: Monday-Thursday

Email: aaronkerzner2@gmail.com
Skill level: D2 or D3

Position: OF, 1B

Age: 19

Number: (647) 876-4045

Aaron Rockman

Days available: Tuesday or Wednesday

Email: redpanama5150@yahoo.ca
Skill level: D2 

Position: INF

Age: 37

Number: 647-303-2256

David Pollack:

Days available: Monday

Email: davidp99@bell.net

Skill level: D3

Position: OF

Age: 51

Number: 416-651-4489



Pami Jonas

Days available: Wednesday

Email: Pami.s.jonas@gmail.com
Skill level: D1

Position: OF, 2B, 1B

Age: 30

Number: 416-949-7770

Jenna Soberano

Days available: Tuesday or Wednesday

Email: soberano.jenna@gmail.com

Position: Anything

Skill level: D2

Age: 26

Number: 647-533-5620


Karly Church

Days available: Tuesday or Wednesday


Position: Anything

Skill level: D2

Age: 29


Kailin Bick

Days available: Tuesday or Wednesday


Position: Anything

Skill level: D2

Age: 29


Dani Tavroges

Days available: Tuesday

Email: dani_tavroges@hotmail.com

Position: 3B (otherwise anywhere)

Skill Level: D2

Age: 29

Laura Wayne:

Days available: Tuesday

Email: waynelaura11@gmail.com

Position: 1B/OF

Skill Level: D2

Age: 29

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