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On Sunday June 7, 2015 the Sports Challenge, benefiting Maccabi Canada and B’nai Brith Canada will be taking place at Camp Robin Hood and expected to be “edge of your seat” exciting.

In the Challenge, teams of 10 will compete against each other, each in 5 different sports with teams being awarded 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss. At the end of an exhausting day of competing, the top two teams will face off in an obstacle course to determine the overall champion.

Most people can play one sport at a decent level.  Some people can play two, but five? It will be an intense competition!
The beauty of this event is in the even playing field created by the different sports, each team member may be good at one sport but not at another.  This disparity will allow any team to win and will create what is sure to be a demanding day leaving only the most dedicated as victor.

Interested in Competing?

Contact and mention seeing the ad on B'nai Brith Sports:

Michele Bass
Operations Director
Maccabi Canada
Tel: 416.398.0515 x 204

posted 05/19/2015
Ejections and suspensions

Please remember:

The league likes to minimize ejections from games.

Please note that the following practices and policies are in place.

1) Anyone who is ejected from the field of play will be levied an automatic 2 game suspension.

2) Umpires have been encouraged by the league to only speak to the teams' respective captains regarding any controversial plays and when giving an official warning to a player or team.

The league hopes that the above two measures will lessen confrontations between umpires and players and deter both parties from arguing with each other.

by posted 05/19/2015

If a game is up on the website

it is expected that your team will be there. 



Opponent's captain, james0104@rogers.com, jackbenaim@hotmail.com, and scores@bnaibrith.ca

Include, DATE, TIME, FIELD, CANCELLED, Team Name vs. Opponent Name

Please be courteous to fellow league members

No one wants to be stood up on a date 


Captain contact emails can be found in 

'Contact Us' section of the site

on the right side of the banner


Rain outs

are not expected to occur unless your team is notified directly 

or if an ump calls the game on the field

Even if it forecast calls for rain, expect to play your game

posted 05/05/2015
Download The App


Download the LEAGUE ATHLETICS APP for your phone

and check your schedule, roster, and standings on the go. 

Search: "League Athletics" on your App Store to download the FREE APP

posted 03/20/2015
B'nai Brith Canada

B'nai Brith Canada

People helping People

B'nai Brith Canada

Get Involved

posted 03/12/2015

Join our softball League

We Play Modified Slow-Pitch with a range of competition to match all levels of ability

New this year: Co-Ed Division

Now accepting new Men or Women's teams


Join the largest Jewish Softball League in Canada! 

Minimum 16 games a season + Playoffs! 

by Zeke posted 02/05/2015
Register Now

To Register, go to the Registration Tab on the top bar. 


Team Captains - Please Register your team first to the appropriate sport season


Team players - Click "Sign Up" to begin registration 


Note that all individuals must be members of B'nai Brith Canada to play in our league. 

by Zeke posted 02/04/2015
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